Nottingham is just one of the cities in the UK which now offer escort services to visitors. Escort services were once only known of in the UK in its capital London but as other cities are now becoming popular for visitors both on business or pleasure; they too now provide these services in the form of escort agencies. When people look for an escort service, one of their main concerns is safety but to find safe escorts in nottingham or any other UK city, all they have to do is go online and check out some reviews for the agencies. Having found an appropriate escort agency to use, the next thing to be done is to go to that agency’s website to look at the profiles of the different escorts available. An agency’s website will usually have profile pages for each of their escorts and on these pages should be lists of the different services each escort provides, along with the fee they charge. Most people will book an escort for a specific reason and those reasons can be as diverse as someone to just talk to, to someone to provide them with an erotic massage. Whilst most agencies will cater to all the requests, some of the escorts may only be available for some of them and that is why you need to check your requirement against what they claim to provide on their profile pages. You may have already learned the usefulness of reading reviews whilst looking for a safe agency to use but reading reviews can be just as useful when selecting an actual escort to book and most agencies have reviews for each of their escorts on their websites. The prices charged by escorts are of course just as diverse as the services that they offer but the prices in UK cities like Nottingham, are usually very competitive with prices charged in the capital. In New York where the prices for an escort can be as little as $200 an hour and expensive as $1500 per hour, a study was carried out to see what the breakdown of these fees was. The study concluded that, on average, the escort will receive only 50% of the fee with the other 50% being received 40% by the agency and 10% for the promoter. Although in the UK the average breakdowns may be different, they will almost certainly be similar.

Escort agencies obviously make it easier for people to find an escort when they need one but they can also provide a safer environment for prostitutes. For example in New Zealand where prostitution is legal, when 6000 active prostitutes were surveyed, as many as 20% said that they preferred to pay an agency and work for them, than working the streets on their own. Of course, in the UK prostitution is also legal provided it is carried out in private and the same laws apply to the paying for sex which means that being or using a roadside prostitute, is illegal.